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Externalia is a key player in the external sales forces. With more than 200 people working in the points of sale, they need to report and connect in real time.
From Connectivity we not only offer connectivity services for this to happen, but we also follow up to ensure that they do not stop being connected to their systems for a minute.

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Cooltra is Europe’s leading two-wheel electric mobility company. With a total fleet of over 11,000 motorcycles and presence in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Brazil, it relies on Connectivity’s connectivity solutions.
Their communications are key to the service they provide to thousands of daily customers, so we do a special follow-up supporting any eventuality that may arise.

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Boltia Services and Connectivity Solutions is a Madrid company whose purpose is the lease or sale wireless devices (iPad, iPhone, Android), using a set of security protocols and hardware functions that guarantee their connection.
Boltia was faced with the uncertainty of knowing in advance the data of the SIMs that incorporate these devices.
Connectivity designed a strategic plan based on which price plans were established that have allowed their costs to be reduced considerably.
At the same time, we manage the contracted plans and review the use of each of the terminals throughout the month so that they do not pay more than they should.

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Padcelona is an event technological agency in Barcelona, which has more than 1,000 events behind it.
Before having Connectivity services, he faced several problems in his logistics of renting devices:
  • Permanence and lack of flexibility on the part of traditional operators.
  • Standard plans for all SIMs that are included in the rental devices
Thanks to the personalized services of Connectivity, they now have a model adapted to their needs without permanence, and completely optimized and revisable plans monthly