Who are we?

We are a young virtual mobile operator with a different philosophy, based on customer service

About us

Connectivity is a Young Operator with a different philosophy based on flexible services for the client.
We focus on providing efficient and customized solutions mainly to Tourism Businesses.
Our mission: Oriented to transmit transparency and security to our clients by offering connectivity services, both complementary and exclusive adjusted to your needs, to become a B2B Operator that you would recommend.

socios connectivity

International Operator in Spain

Connectivity is a Call2World Business Unit.
Call2World is a company that has been in business for over 20 years.
We develop software and technologies based on customer service that allows you to save up to 28% on average (real data from last year) and more than 8,000 lines and we strive so that your company can focus on your business instead of the telecommunications because these are the means and not an end in itself.
Our years of experience in the sector have allowed us to develop software, technologies and work methodology that translate into savings, quality and customization for our customers.

Our value proposition


We make our rates flexible so that they adapt in the best way to the needs of our clients or your final clients so that you obtain the highest profitability and the right service for your type of business.


You can self-manage your SIMs by accessing our platform. This way you can limit, activate and deactivate the profiles within your account.


We customize the network in which your SIMs operate to position your brand in case you wish it as a network solution provider; as well as the SIMs impression so that you can customize it to your liking.


We thrive to deliver the latest solutions that technology can offer, for the benefit of our customers.

Custom Services

With complementary and exclusive services, we look for the solution that best suits your needs, in a transparent, flexible and secure way in order to be an operator to recommend.